Clickcharts Pro for Mac


Easily create complex diagrams


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Clickcharts Pro for Mac is the perfect app for everything from designing the pillars of a database to organizing any kind of system into diagrams.

Easily create flow charts in UML with this versatile tool, which can create and position tiles automatically. But if the automatic organizing system doesn't work well for your project, you can always edit the position of the tiles manually. Link tiles together with completely customizable connections, modify its attributes to your needs or tastes, and enrich your diagrams adding images or illustrations. Finally, give your project a professional touch using the multiple filters available on ClickCharts Pro.

Clickcharts Pro for Mac allows you to work on multiple diagrams simultaneously, and easily copy and paste elements from one chart to another. Once you've finished your work, you can export the final result to any image format, or print it in high resolution directly from the program.

Create all kinds of diagrams in a simple, professional way with Clickcharts Pro for Mac's intuitive interface and helpful system.

Android 4.0 or greater is required


The maximum level automatically unlocks after several days